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Hummingbird Cake

Hummingbird Cake

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Southern Living Magazine first published this in 1978 but it's been around many a baking circle before then. Imagine a dense banana cake, filled with pineapple, coconut, and nuts, covered with cream cheese icing and decorated with more coconut. A wonderful, tropical inspired cake that has absolutely nothing to do with its name. 

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Allergy Information: Contains dairy, eggs, wheat, bananas, pineapple, coconut, nuts. Suitable for vegetarians, not suitable for vegans.

Ingredients: Eggs, sugar, brown sugar, oil, bananas, pineapple, salt, wheat flour, sodium bicarbonate, cinnamon, baking powder, vanilla, walnuts, coconut, cream cheese, icing sugar.

Size Guide:
6" = Approx 8 portions
8" = Approx 12 portions
10" = Approx 16 portions